Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pete's Purls: The etsy Shop

After many requests, suggestions, and cajoling, I have finally opened my etsy shop. I have also created a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and a Facebook business page. I am now contemplating buying the domain name. How much time can I really spend on self-promotion??

For now, I only have my Horseshoe Cable Hat listed. These sold really well at the Craft Bazaar on campus. I will add more listings as time permits. Meanwhile, I am working on several baby items for a friend's daughter that I owe her from November!!

Please check out my shop. Let me know if there are items I should list. Also, let me know if you think my prices are unreasonable or too low. I think that I tend to price low, but being a deal seeker, it goes against my nature to price at a retail level.


1 comment:

  1. Pete, This is Beth from the FIRE blog. That piece that Judith took was a snow dye. I have been very fortunate to do some really spectacular snow dyes. Just call me lucky!! You can click on the photo and see it enlarged. It really is fabulous. After the round robin it was unrecognizable - very sad!!